NowSecure Workstation 6.0 Delivers Major Performance Enhancements

2020-08-05 20:30:29 Author: 阅读量: 293

NowSecure today debuted NowSecure Workstation 6.0 at the Black Hat USA 2020 Virtual Conference. The turnkey hardware and software kit empowers analysts to quickly conduct deep mobile application security assessments of Android and iOS apps and generate customized reports with actionable results users can trust.

Traditional mobile app penetration testing can consume at least two weeks of manual effort and requires ample expertise and an abundance of open-source tools. NowSecure Workstation reduces testing time from weeks to mere hours, driving dramatic 10x productivity gains for security analysts and scalability for teams. Purpose-built for mobile pen testers and security analysts, the NowSecure Workstation 6.0 release offers significant improvements in user experience, testing speed and coverage, and extensibility.

“Mobile apps dominate digital user time spent, yet mobile app security testing has been notoriously slow and complicated, leaving mobile users and organizations at risk,” said NowSecure CEO Alan Snyder. “This major upgrade shows our ongoing commitment to help our customers and partners scale their mobile appsec testing programs. What’s more, NowSecure Workstation uniquely addresses the growing need to test complex IoT mobile apps for medical, automotive, industrial and consumer products.”

NowSecure Workstation automates deep interactive testing using a mix of best-in-class tooling and open-source tools such as Frida, Radare and r2Frida. Analysts can take advantage of more than 200 SAST, DAST and IAST tests to conduct in-depth assessments of any mobile app, including those that use IoT, multi-factor authentication, CAPTCHA, USB and Bluetooth. NowSecure Workstation automates the mundane aspects of testing to empower internal security teams and external pen testing companies and service providers to scale testing in a cost-effective manner.

To see the power of NowSecure Workstation in speeding in-depth mobile application security testing, reach out for a demo today.