By Maciej Domanski

Based on our security auditing experience, we’ve found that Burp Suite Professional’s dynamic analysis can uncover vulnerabilities hidden amidst the maze of various target components. Unpredictable security issues like race conditions are often elusive when examining source code alone.

While Burp is a comprehensive tool for web application security testing, its extensive features may present a complex barrier. That’s where we, Trail of Bits, stand ready with our new Burp Suite guide in the Testing Handbook. This chapter aims to cut through this complexity, providing a clear and concise roadmap for running Burp Suite and achieving quick and tangible results.

The new chapter starts with an essential discussion on where Burp can support you. This section provides in-depth insights into how Burp can enhance your ability to conduct security testing, especially in the face of challenges like obfuscated front-end code, intricate infrastructural components, variations in deployment environments, or client-side data handling issues.

The chapter provides a step-by-step guide to setting up Burp for your specific application quickly and effectively. It guides you through minimizing setup errors and ensuring potential vulnerabilities are not overlooked—a game-changer in terms of your security auditing outcomes. We also explore using key Burp extensions to supercharge your application testing processes and discover more vulnerabilities.

Our Burp chapter concludes with numerous professional tips and tricks to empower you to perform advanced practices and to reveal hidden Burp characteristics that could revolutionize your security testing routine.

Real-world knowledge, real-world results

The Testing Handbook series encapsulates our extensive real-world knowledge and experience. Our insights go beyond mere documentation recitations, offering tried-and-tested strategies from the Trail of Bits team’s security auditing experience.

With this new chapter, we hope to impart the knowledge and confidence you need to dive into Burp Suite and truly harness its potential to secure your web applications.

Ready to supercharge your security testing with Burp Suite? Dive into the chapter now.