Privacy abuses will meet ‘full force of the law’ from new Texas unit, attorney general says
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Promising “aggressive enforcement of Texas privacy laws,” state Attorney General Ken Paxton announced on Tuesday the creation of a new data-privacy team within his office’s consumer protection unit.

“Any entity abusing or exploiting Texans’ sensitive data will be met with the full force of the law,” Paxton said in a statement.

The team will focus on Texas’ laws governing data privacy and security, identity theft, data brokers, biometric information and consumer protection, as well as the federal laws that cover children’s privacy (COPPA) and healthcare information (HIPAA).

The comprehensive Texas Data Privacy and Security Act, generally considered one of the more consumer-friendly state privacy laws, goes into effect July 1. 

“Companies that collect and sell data in an unauthorized manner, harm consumers financially, or use artificial intelligence irresponsibly present risks to our citizens that we take very seriously,” Paxton said. “As many companies seek more and more ways to exploit data they collect about consumers, I am doubling down to protect privacy rights.” 

Recent privacy-related actions from Paxton’s office have included a preliminary investigation of potential violations by manufacturers of connected cars. 

Multiple states, most recently Vermont, have enacted broad privacy laws in recent years as action has stalled in Congress. Attorneys general from 15 states recently wrote to federal lawmakers asking them not to pre-empt their laws under the proposed American Privacy Rights Act (APRA).

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