Ostrich Cyber-Risk Announces Partnership with Kyndryl
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[Salt Lake City] – Ostrich Cyber-Risk (Ostrich), a pioneer and prestigious provider of cyber-risk management solutions, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider.

John Feezell, Director of Risk Advisory Services for Kyndryl, commented, “This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing world-class, standards-based cyber risk quantification (CRQ) services. By combining Ostrich’s innovative technologies with Kyndryl’s deep heritage in consulting, we are focused squarely on enabling well-informed decisions around Zero Trust journeys, materiality discussions, return on controls investment, etc.”

“The Ostrich platform is unique in its dual embrace of both qualitative assessments (such as NIST CSF, etc.) and deeper quantitative analysis when it supports business objectives, vitally informing CRQ efforts with available and familiar qualitative controls posture assessments,” Feezell added.

Greg Spicer, Co-Founder of Ostrich Cyber-Risk, expressed his optimism for the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Kyndryl represents a synergy of strengths that will undoubtedly benefit our clients. Together, we are poised to set new standards in cyber risk management. Kyndryl’s expertise around risk quantification coupled with our Birdseye™ Cyber Risk Management application, will give clients insight into the financial impact of cyber risks facing their organization and a sustainable action plan towards remediating and lowering those risks.”

Ostrich Cyber-Risk and Kyndryl will leverage this partnership to integrate Ostrich’s advanced cyber-risk management application, Birdseye™, into Kyndryl’s Cyber Risk Quantification services. By doing so, they aim to provide clients with holistic solutions that place defensible, risk-based decision-making front and center.

About Ostrich Cyber-Risk

A recognized leader in cyber-risk management, Ostrich empowers risk and security teams to proactively assess cyber risk exposure in financial terms. Our Birdseye™ Cyber Risk Management application, grounded in industry benchmarks like NIST CSF, ISO, MITRE, and CRI, is a risk-based cybersecurity program management application that helps users determine their biggest cyber risks and which controls most efficiently reduce those risks through qualitative risk analysis and quantitative scenario simulation through the Open FAIR™ ontology. This unique approach enables organizations to swiftly prioritize and quantify financial and operational risks in real-time to make informed business decisions on cybersecurity. Learn more at www.ostrichcyber-risk.com.

About Kyndryl

Kyndryl (NYSE: KD) is the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, serving thousands of enterprise customers in more than 60 countries. The company designs, builds, manages, and modernizes the complex, mission-critical information systems that the world depends on every day. For more information, visit www.kyndryl.com.

Services from Kyndryl’s Security & Resiliency Global Practice empower clients to embed cyber resilience into their broader IT and operational strategies. The integrated cyber resilience approach enables clients to anticipate, protect against, withstand, and recover from adverse cyber events. Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation here: https://www.kyndryl.com/us/en/services/cyber-resilience/consult

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