State of the Noonion 2024: HackerNoon Keeps on Blogging
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Revenue is slightly down, traffic is slightly up, rate of product development is up, expenses are down, and AI is assisting us but is not replacing us anytime soon 🙂 How can you help? Referral, referral, referral: we recently experimented with a Business Blogging Sales Referral Program for a 12 or 52-credit pack. If you think you can help refer customers to publish their announcements, blog posts, or technical documentation with HackerNoon, we are more than happy to share the details of the Referral Program with you! Here are some high-level updates since our last shareholder letter, which was sent on June 19, 2023. We keep this update succinct, with lots of links sprinkled throughout, as we’ve actually written a lot of mini-updates throughout the year.