Navigating the Cloud Conundrum: Insights on Hybrid PLM | ft. panel of experts
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Hey there, PLM enthusiasts! It’s Sarah Mei Niesel, and welcome back to another deep dive into the world of product lifecycle management. In this episode, I’m thrilled to host a panel of brilliant minds – Gerhard Himmelsbach, Alexander Ballreich, and Jonathan Baechle – as we unravel the mysteries of Hybrid PLM apps and tackle the burning question on everyone’s minds: “How much cloud do I want?”

This blog aims to distill the essence of our enlightening discussion, capturing the pivotal insights shared by our esteemed panel. You can find the link of the full video at the end of this blog.

Setting the Stage (00:00 – 01:31):

I kick things off by introducing our esteemed panel and diving straight into the heart of our discussion: finding the perfect balance between on-premise and cloud solutions in Hybrid PLM scenarios.

Sustainability Sparks (01:31 – 02:41):

Gerhard takes the floor, shedding light on how European governments are considering a digital product passport for products. We explore how the digital thread plays a pivotal role in driving sustainability.

Untangling the Digital Thread (02:41 – 05:02):

Jonathan takes the mic to break down the concept of the digital thread, underlining its role in connecting data across the supply chain. We explore the significance of hybrid approaches and their seamless integration into on-premise and cloud solutions.

Highlights 2023 of hybrid scenarios using SAP Engineering Control Center (05:02 – 11:22):

Alexander steps in to showcase the highlights of SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR), demonstrating its direct integration with SAP Enterprise Product Development (EPD) and its superpower in facilitating collaboration with external partners.

Beyond SAP ECTR: Exploring further Hybrid Scenarios (11:22 – 13:02):

We broaden the horizon, discussing other hybrid scenarios beyond SAP ECTR, showcasing the flexibility and adaptability of hybrid PLM ecosystems.

Harvesting the Fruits: Benefits of Hybrid PLM (13:02 – 14:24):

The panel collectively lists the perks of adopting hybrid PLM ecosystems, spotlighting improved collaboration, transparency, and efficiency.

Sneak Peek into 2024 (14:24 – 15:32):

Gerhard provides a sneak peek into the future, sharing insights into upcoming releases and the evolving landscape of hybrid PLM scenarios.

Wrapping It Up: Key Takeaways (15:32 – 16:41):

We sum up the key insights and takeaways from our discussion, leaving you with valuable nuggets for your PLM journey.

Closing Thoughts (16:41 – 17:16):

As we wrap up, I encourage you to explore the webcast links I’ve shared for a deeper dive into the topics covered. It was a pleasure to work with our Gerhard from SAP and our partners DSC Software AG and I would like to thank Alex and Jonathan for joining in on the conversation and for all our colleagues who helped make this video come to life!

Join the Conversation: This panel discussion is a bridge between industry insights and the future of hybrid PLM scenarios. Whether you’re knee-deep in product lifecycle management or just curious about finding that sweet spot between on-premise and cloud solutions, this discussion is for you.

Webcast Links: Dive deeper by checking out the English or German webcast mentioned in the video.

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