Exciting News: Elevating Your SAP for Me Experience with SAP Companion!
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Hey SAP for Me Community,

I hope this message finds you all in high spirits! Today, I am thrilled to share a great enhancement that will transform the way you navigate SAP for Me – introducing SAP Companion, a component from SAP Enable Now.

Starting right now, we’re rolling out SAP Companion to bring you an unparalleled online in-app help experience. This web-based help system is designed to provide context-sensitive assistance, ensuring you can dive into SAP for Me with ease and find all the information you need.

Key Features of SAP Companion:

  • Seamless Interaction: Access help exactly when you need it, right from within the application.
  • Context-Sensitive Support: Receive relevant information based on your current screen.
  • Guided Assistance: Enjoy an interactive, step-by-step process guidance.

Picture this: You’re exploring SAP for Me, and a question pops up. Click on the question mark icon, and voila! The web assistant appears, providing help directly on top of your current screen. It’s like having a helpful companion guiding you through the details of SAP for Me.

But that’s not all! SAP Companion is set to evolve:

Initially, it will focus on offering online help about high-level topics and navigation options, gradually expanding to dashboards, cards, and applications. Exciting times lie ahead as we continue to enhance your user experience!

Unpacking SAP Companion: A Quick Tour

Before you dive in, let’s familiarize ourselves with SAP Companion’s structure and interface. Here are some key terms to get you started:

  • Help Panel: An interactive menu for context help, guided tours, and search functions.
  • Modes: Different variants of help, including Context Help and Guided Tours.
  • Bubble: Displays help content for UI elements in context help or step descriptions in a guided tour.
  • Hotspot: Highlights a screen element with assigned help content.
  • Laser: Visualizes the connection between help tiles and corresponding hotspots.

Context Help: Your Guide Through SAP for Me

Wondering what context help is? It’s your go-to source for additional information on the current application screen. Perfect for getting oriented in new, rarely used, or complex interfaces, context help also helps explain changes and highlight essential information.

Guided Tours: Learn by Doing

Ever wished for a hands-on guide through app processes? That’s exactly what guided tours offer! Step-by-step instructions are provided next to relevant UI elements, ensuring you not only learn but actively perform processes. Ideal for new, updated, complex, or rarely used processes.

Ready to Dive In? Here’s How:

  • Click on the “?” in the upper right to access help on a dashboard.

  • Navigate through hotspots to explore the interactive menu for context help.

  • Check out the five guided tours to assist you in best practice processes:
    1. Access My Trust Center
    2. Add Product-related Contacts in Your Company Card
    3. Check System Provisioning Status
    4. Collect Information About Your Systems
    5. Report a New Case

Translation Magic with SAP Companion:

Imagine this scenario – you click on an icon in a bubble, and the content is instantly machine-translated into your preferred language setting. The power of seamless communication, right?

You will only see this translation icon if your browser setting for displaying websites is set to a language other than “English” e.g. “German or French”.

Get ready to revolutionize your SAP for Me experience with SAP Companion! Your journey just got more intuitive, more interactive, and a whole lot more exciting. Explore, learn, and conquer SAP for Me like never before.

Happy exploring!

Oguzhan (Ozzy) Genis, Business Owner, SAP for Me Customer Portal

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