Cloudflare is free of CAPTCHAs; Turnstile is free for everyone
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For years, we’ve written that CAPTCHAs drive us crazy. Humans give up on CAPTCHA puzzles approximately 15% of the time and, maddeningly, CAPTCHAs are significantly easier for bots to solve than they are for humans. We’ve spent the past three and a half years working to build a better experience for humans that’s just as effective at stopping bots. As of this month, we’ve finished replacing every CAPTCHA issued by Cloudflare with Turnstile, our new CAPTCHA replacement (pictured below). Cloudflare will never issue another visual puzzle to anyone, for any reason.

Now that we’ve eliminated CAPTCHAs at Cloudflare, we want to make it easy for anyone to do the same, even if they don’t use other Cloudflare services. We’ve decoupled Turnstile from our platform so that any website operator on any platform can use it just by adding a few lines of code. We’re thrilled to announce that Turnstile is now generally available, and Turnstile’s ‘Managed’ mode is now completely free to everyone for unlimited use.

Easy on humans, hard on bots, private for everyone

There’s a lot that goes into Turnstile’s simple checkbox to ensure that it’s easy for everyone, preserves user privacy, and does its job stopping bots. Part of making challenges better for everyone means that everyone gets the same great experience, no matter what browser you’re using. Because we do not employ a visual puzzle, users with low vision or blindness get the same easy to use challenge flow as everyone else. It was particularly important for us to avoid falling back to audio CAPTCHAs to offer an experience accessible to everyone. Audio CAPTCHAs are often much worse than even visual CAPTCHAs for humans to solve, with only 31.2% of audio challenges resulting in a three-person agreement on what the correct solution actually is. The prevalence of free speech-to-text services has made it easy for bots to solve audio CAPTCHAs as well, with a recent study showing bots can accurately solve audio CAPTCHAs in over 85% of attempts.

We also created Turnstile to be privacy focused. Turnstile meets ePrivacy Directive, GDPR and CCPA compliance requirements, as well as the strict requirements of our own privacy commitments. In addition, Cloudflare's FedRAMP Moderate authorized package, "Cloudflare for Government" now includes Turnstile. We don’t rely on tracking user data, like what other websites someone has visited, to determine if a user is a human or robot. Our business is protecting websites, not selling ads, so operators can deploy Turnstile knowing that their users’ data is safe.

With all of our emphasis on how easy it is to pass a Turnstile challenge, you would be right to ask how it can stop a bot. If a bot can find all images with crosswalks in grainy photos faster than we can, surely it can check a box as well. Bots definitely can check a box, and they can even mimic the erratic path of human mouse movement while doing so. For Turnstile, the actual act of checking a box isn’t important, it’s the background data we’re analyzing while the box is checked that matters. We find and stop bots by running a series of in-browser tests, checking browser characteristics, native browser APIs, and asking the browser to pass lightweight tests (ex: proof-of-work tests, proof-of-space tests) to prove that it’s an actual browser. The current deployment of Turnstile checks billions of visitors every day, and we are able to identify browser abnormalities that bots exhibit while attempting to pass those tests.

For over one year, we used our Managed Challenge to rotate between CAPTCHAs and our own Turnstile challenge to compare our effectiveness. We found that even without asking users for any interactivity at all, Turnstile was just as effective as a CAPTCHA. Once we were sure that the results were effective at coping with the response from bot makers, we replaced the CAPTCHA challenge with our own checkbox solution. We present this extra test when we see potentially suspicious signals, and it helps us provide an even greater layer of security.

Turnstile is great for fighting fraud

Like all sites that offer services for free, Cloudflare sees our fair share of automated account signups, which can include “new account fraud,” where bad actors automate the creation of many different accounts to abuse our platform. To help combat this abuse, we’ve rolled out Turnstile’s invisible mode to protect our own signup page. This month, we’ve blocked over 1 million automated signup attempts using Turnstile, without a reported false positive or any change in our self-service billings that rely on this signup flow.  

Lessons from the Turnstile beta

Over the past twelve months, we’ve been grateful to see how many people are eager to try, then rely on, and integrate Turnstile into their web applications. It’s been rewarding to see the developer community embrace Turnstile as well. We list some of the community created Turnstile integrations here, including integrations with WordPress, Angular, Vue, and a Cloudflare recommended React library. We’ve listened to customer feedback, and added support for 17 new languages, new callbacks, and new error codes.

76,000+ users have signed up, but our biggest single test by far was the Eurovision final vote. Turnstile runs on challenge pages on over 25 million Cloudflare websites. Usually, that makes Cloudflare the far and away biggest Turnstile consumer, until the final Eurovision vote. During that one hour, challenge traffic from the Eurovision voting site outpaced the use of challenge pages on those 25 million sites combined! Turnstile handled the enormous spike in traffic without a hitch.

While a lot went well during the Turnstile beta, we also encountered some opportunities for us to learn. We were initially resistant to disclosing why a Turnstile challenge failed. After all, if bad actors know what we’re looking for, it becomes easier for bots to fool our challenges until we introduce new detections. However, during the Turnstile beta, we saw a few scenarios where legitimate users could not pass a challenge. These scenarios made it clear to us that we need to be transparent about why a challenge failed to help aid any individual who might modify their browser in a way that causes them to get caught by Turnstile. We now publish detailed client-side error codes to surface the reason why a challenge has failed. Two scenarios came up on several occasions that we didn’t expect:

First, we saw that desktop computers at least 10 years old frequently had expired motherboard batteries, and computers with bad motherboard batteries very often keep inaccurate time. This is because without the motherboard battery, a desktop computer’s clock will stop operating when the computer is off. Turnstile checks your computer’s system time to detect when a website operator has accidentally configured a challenge page to be cached, as caching a challenge page will cause it to become impassable. Unfortunately, this same check was unintentionally catching humans who just needed to update the time. When we see this issue, we now surface a clear error message to the end user to update their system time. We’d prefer to never have to surface an error in the first place, so we’re working to develop new ways to check for cached content that won’t impact real people.

Second, we find that a few privacy-focused users often ask their browsers to go beyond standard practices to preserve their anonymity. This includes changing their user-agent (something bots will do to evade detection as well), and preventing third-party scripts from executing entirely. Issues caused by this behavior can now be displayed clearly in a Turnstile widget, so those users can immediately understand the issue and make a conscientious choice about whether they want to allow their browser to pass a challenge.

Although we have some of the most sensitive, thoroughly built monitoring systems at Cloudflare, we did not catch either of these issues on our own. We needed to talk to users affected by the issue to help us understand what the problem was. Going forward, we want to make sure we always have that direct line of communication open. We’re rolling out a new feedback form in the Turnstile widget, to ensure any future corner cases are addressed quickly and with urgency.

Turnstile: GA and Free for Everyone

Announcing Turnstile’s General Availability means that Turnstile is now completely production ready, available for free for unlimited use via our visible widget in Managed mode. Turnstile Enterprise includes SaaS platform support and a visible mode without the Cloudflare logo. Self-serve customers can expect a pay-as-you-go option for advanced features to be available in early 2024. Users can continue to access Turnstile’s advanced features below our 1 million siteverify request limit, as has been the case during the beta. If you’ve been waiting to try Turnstile, head over to our signup page and create an account!

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