An Unpatched Vulnerability, A Substantial Liability
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Even the largest and most mature enterprises have trouble finding and patching vulnerabilities in a timely fashion. As we see in this article challenges include getting patches pushed through a sophisticated supply chain and ultimately to a system whose end user may have devices configured to not allow automated remote patch application. We see this play out with every product that contains a line of code, from the simplest programs to large SaaS platforms with stringent performance, scalability, and availability requirements: patches need to be implemented at the earliest opportunity in order to avert catastrophe.

This plague of failing to patch vulnerabilities is infesting enterprises globally and is spreading like wildfire. It seems that nearly every day brings another breach, another company forced to spend millions reacting after the fact to a threat that may have been prevented. These attacks are often successful due to unpatched systems.  Victim companies that could have been proactive and taken measures to prevent these attacks, now find themselves in the spotlight with diminished reputation, the possibility of regulatory fines, and lost revenue. 

We see this pattern far too often and want to help. Exodus Intelligence’s new EVE (Exodus Vulnerability Enrichment) platform delivers real time updates on things that your security team needs to be worried about and helps you prioritize patches with our exclusive XI score that shows you which vulnerabilities are most likely to be exploited in the wild. EVE combines insight regarding known vulnerabilities from our world class researchers with supervised machine learning analysis and carefully curated public data to make available the most actional intelligence in the quickest possible manner. 

EVE is a critical tool in the war against cyberattacks in the commercial sector, allowing companies to leverage the same Exodus data trusted by governments and agencies for more than a decade. Never let your business be put in the position of reacting to an attack, get EVE from Exodus Intelligence and be proactive rather than reactive.

About Exodus Intelligence

We provide clients with actionable information, capabilities, and context for proven exploitable vulnerabilities.  Our world class team of vulnerability researchers discover hundreds of exclusive Zero-Day vulnerabilities, providing our clients with this knowledge before the adversaries find them.  Our research also extends into the world on N-Day research, where we select critical N-Day vulnerabilities and complete research to prove whether these vulnerabilities are truly exploitable in the wild.  

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