The Death Star Needed Vulnerability Intelligence
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Darth Vader and his evil colleagues aboard the Death Star could have seriously benefited from world-class vulnerability intelligence. Luckily for the Rebel Alliance, Vader was too focused on threat intelligence alone.

If you’ve ever seen the original Star Wars story, you might recall that the evil Empire was confident with their defensive intelligence as well as their seemingly impenetrable defensive systems. Their intel notified them of every X-Wing, pilot, and droid headed in their direction. They were flush with anti-aircraft turrets, tie fighters, and lasers to attack those inbound threats. 

The Death Star was a fortress—right?

This approach to security isn’t unlike the networks and systems of many companies who have a vast amount of threat intelligence reporting on all known exploits in exceptional detail. Sometimes, though, lost in the noise of all the threats reported, there is a small opening. If exploited, that small opening can lead to a chain reaction of destruction. The Rebel Alliance attacked the one vulnerability they found—with tremendous results to show for it. 

Unfortunately, there are bad actors out there who are also looking to attack your systems, who can and will find a way to penetrate your seemingly robust defenses. Herein lies the absolute necessity of vulnerability intelligence. 

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