CISA Urges Caution, One Year On From Invasion of Ukraine
2023-3-9 00:50:12 Author:查看原文) 阅读量:10 收藏

One year removed from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, CISA has issued a warning to the United States and its European allies: increased cyber-attacks may be headed to your network.

 As tensions abroad remain high, the cyber landscape will be an extension of the physical battleground. More than ever, understanding where and how your organization is vulnerable is an essential part of risk management.

 At Exodus Intelligence, the leader in vulnerability intelligence, we seek to proactively understand your organization’s vulnerabilities, to assess the associated risk of those vulnerabilities, and to provide focused mitigation guidance based on our expert research.

 Rather than fighting thousands of threats individually, Exodus focuses on neutralizing thousands of potential exploits all at once, by addressing the root cause of your system’s vulnerabilities.

 Be sure to follow along with CISA alerts and advisories to remain vigilant on the developing threat landscape during this turbulent time. We have extensive coverage of the vulnerabilities in CISA’s Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog and provide mitigation guidance on those vulnerabilities to ensure your organization stays protected.

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