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Allows you to partly emulate an Android native library.

This is an educational project to learn more about the ELF file format and Unicorn.

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  • Emulation of the JNI Invocation API so JNI_OnLoad can be called properly.
  • Emulation of native memory for malloc / memcpy.
  • Emulation of syscalls (SVC #0) instruction.
  • Hooking through the symbol table.
  • All JavaVM, JNIEnv and hooked functions are handled by python.
  • Enable VFP support.


You can install AndroidNativeEmu with pip.


  • Improve file descriptors in vfs/ so they are re-useable.
  • Add a way for the VirtualFileSystem to give back dynamic files, such as /proc/self/status, /proc/self/status but also /dev/urandom.
  • Library consumers must be able to easily rebuild the needed Java classes for a native library, which are used by the native library through the JNIEnv.
    • Classes
    • Objects
    • Methods
    • Native methods
    • Fields
    • Types
    • Reflection



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